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Credence Advisors offers various services based on your unique business needs.

Accounting Advisory Services

For those who need expert level proficiency in their day-to-day financial management.

Monthly Bookkeeping & Accounting

Bookkeeping and accounting is the bedrock that financial decision making is built upon.  Credence Advisors can perform accounting tasks such as monthly financial reporting, general ledger entries, and record payments and adjustments.  We oversee financial data and compliance by maintaining accurate books and records in the following areas:

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Procure-to-Pay Management

Maintaining good vendor relationships is key to ensuring your business has the access to goods and services it needs.  Outsourcing your accounts payable process to Credence Advisors will help lower processing costs, improve controls, increase visibility into your spend and free up your time to focus on your operations.

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Invoicing & Collections Management

Accurate invoicing and effective collections are key to driving positive cash flow in your business.  By outsourcing your accounts receivable to Credence Advisors we will drive the effectiveness of your invoicing, collections, credit, cash receipts and applications, payment terms, and contract management processes.

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Outsourced Payroll Management

We will assist with identifying and managing your 3rd party payroll provider relationship.  We can manage payroll processing to ensure employees are accurately paid and payroll meets compliance requirements.

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Month End Close Preparation

We handle financial statement preparation and analysis. Closing your books timely and accurately each month is critical to good operational decision making.  We will prepare crucial financial statements and provide key financial analysis each month.  We provide not only the “what”, but help with the “why”.

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Financial Leadership

All the benefits of a CFO and Controller right at your fingertips. We provide top quality insights to help you grow your business’s finances smarter.

Fractional CFO & Controller Support

Financial Leadership for growing businesses is one of the keys to their success.  But as a small business you may not need a full-time CFO.  Credence Advisors provides experienced financial leadership at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO.  We can assist with cash flow management, gross margin improvement, cost control, banking and financing and much more.

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Treasury Management

Understanding and managing your short-term and long-term cash and financing needs are critical to your operational success.  Credence Advisors can assist with liquidity management, receivables and payables management, and banking relationships.

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Budgeting & Forecasting

Your budgets and forecasts are your roadmap to financial success.  Credence Advisors can assist with determining and detailing your company’s short-term and long-term financial goals through assistance with budgeting and forecasting.  We can lead the process or provide the detailed support needed to complete and maintain your budgets and forecasts.

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Cash Flow Forecasting

Cash flow forecasting is key to understanding your company’s liquidity in the short to medium term.  It helps to ensure your business has the necessary cash to meet your obligations and avoid funding issues.  Credence Advisors can assist with developing and maintaining your cash flow forecast and help identify your cash opportunities and challenges.

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Financial Statement Prep and Analysis

Timely financial statement analysis helps businesses understand the overall financial health of the organization and is key to effective decision-making.  Credence Advisors provides not only financial statement preparation, but insight into what the numbers mean. Proper financial statement preparation and analysis helps give your stakeholders confidence in the operation of your business.

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Metrics and KPIs

Metrics and KPIs are quantifiable measurements that help a company gauge its overall performance.  Metrics and KPIs are guiding posts that help ensure your business is moving in the right direction.  Credence Advisors can help you identify, monitor and interpret your KPIs to help drive business decisions.

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M&A and Due Diligence Support

Whether you are looking to acquire a competitor, sell your business or are contemplating some other transaction, performing proper due diligence is key to the transaction success.  Due diligence requires a careful, thorough evaluation of the proposed transaction.  Credence Advisors can lead your due diligence process or provide detailed support and analysis to ensure the effectiveness of the process.

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Capital Raise Support

Raising capital, whether it be equity or debt, is often essential for companies to turn their ideas into reality or to take their business to the next level.  Credence Advisors can provide expertise and process support which will allow you to continue to focus on the day to day operation of your business throughout the capital raise process.

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Business Strategy Support

Your business strategy is your long term plan of action designed to achieve your business goals.  Credence Advisors can assist with converting your business ideas into a cohesive, executable, and actionable business plan.

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Outsourced Tax Support Management

An effective and efficient tax compliance strategy is a key component to good financial management of your company.  Credence Advisors partners with leading local tax providers who have the expertise to ensure your taxes are properly managed.  Credence Advisors takes the tedious and time-consuming task of collaborating with tax advisors off your hands.  Our job is to provide the support, documentation and analyses to your tax advisors, so you don’t have to.

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